Family Reunification and Parental Alienation Services

NISAPI offers intensive programs to reunify families who have lost hope and eliminate parental alienation. These services include individual and family therapy, family life coaching, parenting, therapeutic visitation, and monitoring.  These children and their families face multiple stressors that can contribute to dysfunctional patterns of interaction and child maladjustment.  Biological, adoptive, and foster families may go through multiple transitional periods as well. As a result, families often need the intensive and individually tailored services NISAPI has to offer for successful and sustainable reunification.

At NISAPI, we believe that all families have the potential for positive growth and change.  In order to promote this growth and change, we believe it is necessary to create a non-judgmental, “safe” , and supportive environment where families can discuss often difficult and anxiety-provoking topics.  Here, they can discuss and practice positive ways of engaging and create or re-create family bonds.  We attempt to bring in all members of the client’s  system, including anyone who can provide support to the client or their family; this may include mandated operations (e.g., lawyers, courts, CPS, social workers, probation officers, etc.), as well as specific friends, relatives, or community members (e.g., teachers, employers, etc.).   This holistic approach promotes sustainable change within the family constellation.