Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide therapy, counseling, recovery, and transitional (family life coaching, therapeutic visits and monitoring) services to underserved (mental health and substance populations who have not succeeded in traditional therapy services or institutionalization) individuals, children, teens, adults, families, and couples in Los Angeles County.

At Now I See A Person Institute, we value relational connection, collaboration, and recovery-focused care through our theory of Community Engagement: A Collaborative Recovery Model.  We believe that our clients, with histories of trauma, are equipped with necessary resources to recover from mental health or substance abuse obstacles and relational and behavioral challenges, and any participation with our clients derives from authentic collaboration. In this process, the therapist and client share an egalitarian experience of defining the focus and direction of therapy and community services.  Our goal is to create an  environment that genuinely honors and values the client and their narratives and life experiences, where the strengths of our clients can abound, and hope becomes a reality.  We do this by listening to our clients’ narratives, speaking honestly and caringly to co-create trust and humility between us and design goals for sustainable change.

By practicing these values with our clients, our clients often experience change within a brief period of time, often within the first session of treatment. Our research reflects hope and concrete ideas for change to occur in the first sessions.

In 2018 we expanded our services to family and life coaching programs to create generational and inter-generational change for under-served populations experiencing trauma, severe family conflict, and parental alienation.