Dr. Susan Swim, Ph.D. MFT and Additional Staff and Faculty

Dr. Susan Swim, PhD, MFT

Senior Faculty


Faculty, Now I See a Person Institute
Faculty, Houston Galveston Institute
Associate, Taos Institute/Educator, Theorist, Reseearcher, Author
Past Member Taos TIAC
Editor Emeritus, Journal of Systemic Therapies/Editor The Qualitative Report 
Retired Faculty, Loma Linda University
Retired Advocacy Chair, AAMFT-CA/Retired Insurance Task Member AAMFT-CA
Retired Board Member, AAMFT-CA

Providing Certificate Program in Community Engagement: A Collaborative Recovery Model
Providing Certificate Program in International Dia;ogical-Collaborative Theories


Dr. Swim has been on faculty at the Houston Galveston Institute since the early eighties. She moved to Southern California from Houston in 2002 and continues to participate as faculty.  Upon moving to California she was faculty at the Department of Counseling and Family Sciences at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California  where she specialized in teaching and supervision from a strength based and client involved post-modern viewpoint. She retired from Loma Linda in 2011 to particpate full time with Now I See A Person Institute. Her passion has been her research on Process Ethics (what is the right and good for every client in therapy). Her articles have been used in various universitites on Law and Ethics. Dr. Swim feels every client has the opportunity for sucessful change based on the client-therapist relationship.

She is on faculty at Now I See a Person Institute using Community Engagement: A Collaborative Recovery Model. Now I See a Person Institute is a nonprofit organization for clinical training in psot modern theories and clinical services.

At Now I See a Person Institute, Dr. Swim, along with additional faculty of NISAPI, provides two certificate programs.  NISAPI offers International Certificate in Collaborative Practices and certificate in Community Engagement: A Collaborative Recovery Model. In 2018 she will launch an online developmental course on Community Engagement: A Collaborative Recovery Model.  At Now I See a Person Institute she also provides organizational development, life coaching, wrap around and recovery services.

Dr. Swim’s lifelong passion has been an educator of post modern theories, espeacially CLS. Her early mentors and friends were Harold Goolishian, Harlene Anderson, Lynn Hoffman and Tom Andersen. Currently she trains learners at NISAPI in Community Engagement: A Collaborative Recovery Model (a combining of CLS with recovery philosophies). Within CEACRM are the premises that therapy is collaborative and self tailored to the needs of each individual. Hence clients are “seen” as people and not just diagnostic labels, (akin to the post modern philosophies of today and works within the MFT’s field of the first marrriage and family therapists) and many problems are relational and accure from trauma. Dr. Swim within her thirty-five year career has treated an abundance of mental health issues. She researched and authored on Process Ethics starting in the late 1990’s and remains passionate on this theme of how change occurs through the authentic and collaborative process between client and therapist, always including the need of each client in a unique manner. Her early work with Harlene Anderson was on publishing supervision articles on collaborative learning. She has continued to publish on supervision with CLS and CEACRM.

She is Editor Emeritus for the Journal of Systemic Therapies, on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Qualitative Report, and an Associate Reviewer for International Journal of Collaborative Practices. She helped cultivate the on-line HGI-Taos Institute distance learning and has served on the TIAC board as well as various board postions with AAMFT-CA.

NISAPI is a Member of the Association for Family and Concillation Courts amd Associate Member of the Los Angeles Bar Assocation. Most referrals are with severe family conflict or what we call under-served populations (lenghty previous therapies or hospitalizations were not successful and clients and their families are hopeless that change can occur).

She continues presenting at state, national, and international conferences on Collaborative Language Systems and Community Engagement: A Collaborative Recovery Model for Individual, Marriage and Family Therapy, Teaching and Research. Among her various current and past interests are: academic teaching, qualitative research, and publications on supervision, teaching, and clinical practice centering upon a postmodern backdrop at NISAPI.

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Post graduate Child Protection, Life Coach, BSc(Hons) social work, MFT intern at University of Melbourne and Dulwich Centre

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