A Client’s Reflection

I just wanted to say thank you for the referral to Now I See A Person.

I’ll admit, when you first gave me this resource, I wasn’t excited. But, having limited options and the need to do something for my daughter (and our sanity), I started reading the information on the Nowiseeaperson.com website. I was intrigued by their approach, so I called Dr. Swim on Thursday and was pleasantly surprised, to learn that they take private insurance. Plus, it’s in the West Valley…another bonus!

We were able to get an appointment for the next day my daughter and I went Friday afternoon (unfortunately my spouse was called in at work and could not attend). “Amy” was a little skeptical, but they have a new baby horse so she was willing to check it out. Our appointment was for 4pm, so I had to get out of work early, pick up “Amy” from school and rush over there.

They had a therapist for “Amy” (Dr. Swim) and another therapist for me to get background and see how we are dealing with our situation.

Instead of a sitting in a therapist’s office, you’re outside in the dirt and dust, surrounded by nature and horses. Immediately Dr. Swim took “Amy” and introduced her to the horses and they watched them, while the other therapist spoke to me. We were there for about 10 or 15 minutes, when I remember glancing up and seeing my daughter relaxed and smiling. I also realized that I was very relaxed as well. They didn’t pressure “Amy” with a bunch of “therapy-speak.” They just focused on making “Amy” (and me) comfortable, and building trust. When we left, I asked “Amy” if she liked it and she replied, “it was really fun, but how is that therapy?” Right away, I thought that this just may work for “Amy”. There will be no behavior contracts or role playing, so this just seems like a more natural approach. Also, it’s not like the normal 50 minutes and you’re out of here. When we finished it was 6:00…we were there for two hours. I was shocked how fast the time passed.

It was a great first impression, so we are actually going back today (this time with my spouse). Even after just one session, I see the potential for them to get my daughter to open up and make progress. After what we’ve been through, and the shock of dealing with DCFS, this is much better than moving to just another therapist. It’s a refreshing approach. So why all the detail??? LOL…So you can feel good about having this resource in your tool box.

I want to thank you AGAIN for the referral to Now I See A Person. The reason I am writing you today, is because interim report cards came out this week and our daughter, “Amy”, has straight A’s.

As you know, before this therapy our daughter was filled with anger and violence. In addition to the violent episodes at home, we were really struggling to keep her engaged with school. Even though she is a smart girl, she was coming dangerously close to failing her classes, and was demanding to be moved out of the honors program and back into mainstream classes.

It has been about 4 months since we brought her to see Dr. Swim at Now I See A Person, and the turn-around has been nothing short of amazing. There have been no rage incidents since we started this therapy, she is making lots of friends, plus she made the choice to continue with the honors classes at school.

Last year we had “Amy” in traditional 1-on-1 and family therapy with little results. During these therapies, “Amy” did acknowledge her anger and a desire to improve her behavior, however things continued to get progressively worse, and she eventually refused to go to the sessions. Things obviously escalated to the point where your agency became involved.

Almost immediately after we started working with the therapists at Now I See A Person, we noticed a major shift in “Amy’s” behavior. Although initially she would still have the anger, she started to control her rage, and the violence subsided. We were so happy with the results, that I was taking her for this therapy twice a week, and there was no push-back from “Amy”. I remember walking to the car after the first appointment…we were both happy with the experience and “Amy” turned to me and said something like, “this doesn’t feel like therapy, I like it here.”

And that is one of the reasons for the success of this approach to therapy. The therapists at Now I See A Person, do not push her to talk. They make you feel comfortable in a loose, outdoor environment. In fact, you are being real with the therpists’, instead of sitting on a couch staring at you for 50 minutes. That is why the therapists at Now I See A Person really get through to these kids. And from firsthand experience, this seems to be a much better approach. I can confidently say that it does work. Some days we are there for 90 minutes or more, because they don’t just stop because an hour has past. If the patient is comfortable and opening up, they just go with it, until the session ends naturally (if that makes sense).

In just 4 months, they have dramatically built up my daughter’s confidence and self esteem. They have brought peace to our home. We are seeing a dramatic shift in “Amy’s” social skills, and she is meeting new friends. “Amy” is also realizing how smart she is, and is doing very well in school. Even her play in soccer has greatly improved with her new sense of confidence.

I cannot help but wonder how many kids and families out there could greatly benefit from this type of therapy. These can be life changing results.

So please, use this resource and relay our story to other social workers in your department.

-From a grateful parent

***Six years later Amy and her parent recently dropped by to visit and reflect on the transformation and changes. Therapy has not been needed since termination and she excels in academics as well as socialization and family interactions. All names and other identifying data was changed for this client’s desire to share this story.

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