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The cornerstone of our work is to provide therapeutic services to establish collaborative, genuine, and caring relationships that foster conversations of hope and new possibilities for change, co-developed by the therapist and client in dialogue. To further foster an atmosphere of dialogical safety, all therapeutic conversations are co-created within a naturalistic environment on a horse ranch, all therapist wear jeans and additional ranch attire, all offices are within sight of four therapeutic horses, and all conversations are within the clients’ language, in favor of “common talk” or language which the clients perceive as instrumental in defining and solving their challenges. Each client is spoken with and treated as a person with inner strength and the with the potential for significant change. Therein a therapeutic relational space co-occurs where clients feel safe to speak about pain and trauma in a time and manner they desire and in an ordinary setting (Swim, et al., 2013 & Sharpe & Strong, 2015) that fosters normalcy and nurturance (Nussen, 2012). No ridding occurs. Clients report the therapeutic relationship created at NISAPI with the horses and naturalistic environment provides them with skills to take charge of their lives and cease the recidivism that often accompanies symptoms and trauma (Swim, 2016 & 2017).





Princess & Malach


Theresa Rita and her son Oliver Angel






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