Heroes and Heroines Surpassing Loss, Grief and Violent Crimes


As people, and attempt to cope with the aftermath of trauma (violent crime, death and loss), we may experience psychological and emotional effects that persist long after physical wounds have healed or time has lapsed. Symptom responses can include anxiety, depression, diminished self-esteem, hyper-vigilance, anger or irritability, detachment or estrangement of others, memory loss or forgetfulness, sleeping disorders, and recurring flashbacks or intrusive thoughts. Child, teen, adult victims (and their families) have been known to suffer mental health effects including poor academic or job performance, aggression, antisocial behavior, and substance abuse. Now I See A Person Institute offers nurturance and normalcy in surpassing trauma and rebuilding lives.


Now I See A Person Institute uses an alternate approach with individuals and families who have experienced violent crimes. loss and trauma. Come join our team of therapists at Now I See A Person Institute and experience our therapy which fosters hope, new possibilities, transformation and new identities to these heroes and heroines. Here we see you as a person, here we believe in you.












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