Now I See A Person Institute has ten years of research on our work with a variety of populations. Our research reflects a high level of transformation and change especially for those considered unchangeable in the past. Please email us for copies of our published evidence based articles using Community Engagement: A Collaborative Recovery Program. Dr. Swim has been conducting research on process ethics (“the right and good for each client in therapy”) since the early nineties. In such every therapy session is viewed as a venue for “sacred conversations” (Swim, 2001). NISAPI views each client as an impetus for change and their world view is honored and respected. This premise also extends to the client’s family members, community and referral systems.
NISAPI offers a hosting program for clinicians and practitioners from other countries, local, national and international institutes, or universities through the Taos Institute
The articles below from The Journal of Systemic Therapies MAY NOT be copied these are for viewing only. Contact The Journal of Systemic Therapies for copies of articles.

Metalogos published four of our articles in English and Greek (Now I See A Person Institute: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy-Community Engagement: A Collaborative Recovery Model, Now I See A Person-The Poetics of Supervision, Stories of Natural and Sustainable Healing From Trauma, Symptoms, Recidivism and Despair at Now I See A Person Institute, and Now I See A Person Institute Using Community Engagement: Transcending Diagnosis and Creating Client Directed Sustainable Change. Please go to their website to view these articles and additional ones from colleagues in our field.  Our sincere gratitude to Metalogo! Please view their site.

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The below articles MAY NOT be copied and are for read ONLY. Contact the Journal of Systemic Therapies for copies










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