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Problems start to dissolve once you step onto the ranch.
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For those traditional therapy has left behind

What happens when people seeking support are viewed as normal human beings who are going through difficult times? When we honestly care about others and genuinely invest the time to attempt to understand the hardships they face? When we embrace the idea that people can get over "mental illness" and invite others within a person's community to join in the acknowledgment of a person's strengths and capacity to heal? We see a person.

A natural therapeutic experience to heal and find meaningful recovery

Whether at a horse ranch, in person, at the home, or online, we create a therapeutic setting of natural and healing relationships as conversations form between clients and their therapists.

Client and therapist conversations evolve naturally and organically around horses and witnessing horse activity. Through the eyes of a horse or our therapeutic team, there is no prejudice, no judgment, no psychological jargon. Therapy can be simple; not focusing on the past wrongs but creating a now and a future full of opportunities and positive experiences, never yet found. It takes courage to allow the present to have a chance. It takes hope to know there are alternative futures.

In our research clients report, “feeling like they weren’t having therapy,” was paramount in their journey to change.

Our Services

Treat you like a Person
See you as a Person

Nobody wants to be talked to, but talked with

Our clients report that we honor all voices which leads to long lasting change.

Who is this program for?
  • Simply everyone
  • Children and families
  • Teenagers and their families
  • Couples
  • Trauma survivors
  • Community groups

What Services do we offer?
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Partner Relational Therapy
  • Life and Family Life Coaching
  • Mediation
  • Family Reunification Services
  • Supervised Visitation
who we serve

Visit us via zoom, in person or with the horses

Now I See A Person Institute (NISAPI) continues to support our communities, especially District 12, SA 2 and SA 6, helping to resolve and treat severe trauma for all ages, heal the "underserved populations from trauma" (those populations who come hopeless and where unfortunately prior therapies, medications, hospitalizations, and institutionalizations did not aide), reunify families from issues such as trauma and legal venues, and support #BreakingCodeSilence. and new legislation to prevent the "Troubled Teen Industry". For now NISAPI is offering telephonic, virtual and in person sessions for individual and family therapy, partner relational therapy, group therapy, life coaching & family life coaching, mediation, and virtual supervised visitation. Our research reflects similar high success rates as with the use of the horses.

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Come and meet the Horses

Horses at Now I See a Person Institute are treated with the same level of love, respect and individual care that we treat our human clients.

There's something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.-- Churchill

Meet the horses

The relevant question in psychiatry shouldn’t be…What’s wrong with you? It should be…What happened to you?

– Eleanor Longden / Dr Jacqui Dillon