Collaborative Dialogical Educational Virtual Learning

Expand your approach towards helping others experience true life transformation through our various virtual learning opportunities, customizable course creation, and International Certifications. Earn CEU’s.


Join conference speakers and guests from literally all over the world. These workshops will inspire you to broaden your understanding and enrich your practice through transformative recovery models.

Counseling Services

We provide services for individuals, children, teens, at-risk youth, adults, couples and families Our experience ranges from severe mental health problems or diagnoses to relational or behavioral issues.

Our August Workshop

You are invited to join us for an exclusive event featuring a panel of medical doctors, psychologists, master clinicians, recovery consultants and coaches. They will share their experiences and insights on how a more humanized approach has transformed lives and guided individuals toward a path of wellness.

August 11, 2024. Click here to register and for more information.

We are a diverse group of like-minded people
with a passion for transformation

Now I See a Person Institute (NISAPI) was founded by Dr. Susan Swim and is a non-profit teaching and clinical institute devoted to helping people achieve a complete and sustainable recovery by pairing the normalcy of nature and nurturance with a philosophy of postmodern collaborative practice.

What we do and Who we do it for…

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