Successful therapy begins with finding a good fit: a professional you can trust, who excels at listening, understands the needs of their clients, and is collaborative, demonstrating years of evidence-based success. At Now I See A Person Institute, our clinicians possess these essential skills. They collaborate with you to define your goals and develop strategies to alleviate symptoms and achieve the life you envision, both personally and within your relationships. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to overcome trauma, transcend limits, and become their true or preferred selves. We also advocate for therapy having a defined start and end date, as prolonged therapy can sometimes impede success and autonomy.

With four decades of research, publications, and extensive experience, Now I See A Person Institute specializes in providing comprehensive therapy services for a diverse clientele including children, teenagers, and adults. Our expertise spans a wide range of mental health issues, including:

  • Mood disorders (depression, anxiety)
  • Eating disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Parent-child conflicts
  • Neurodivergent symptoms
  • Phase-of-life conflicts
  • Marital challenges
  • Parenting issues
  • Divorce
  • Substance use and abuse

We focus particularly on high-acuity cases involving trauma, conflicts, grief, and life and career transitions. Our approach integrates evidence-based practices with personalized care, ensuring that each individual receives tailored treatment that addresses their specific needs and circumstances.

For families navigating severe trauma such as divorce, our goal is sustainable transformation and family reunification. We understand the challenges of parental alienation inherent in divorce and have a successful track record in facilitating reunifications that allow both parents to engage together in important events such as school meetings or ball games. At Now I See A Person Institute, we view each individual as a person, not defined by their past, and believe in their inherent potential. Our providers are global leaders and educators in their fields, committed to advancing the field of mental health through research, training, and clinical practice.

We invite you to explore a space where possibilities for future growth are reopened. At Now I See A Person Institute, we specialize in addressing “tough” issues and collectively rebuilding feelings of normalcy, trust, hope, self-agency, and self-determination—fundamental elements of recovery and freedom. Our holistic approach offers opportunities for finding freedom rather than limiting possibilities.

  • Specialized Services and Expertise:
    • Offers comprehensive therapy services for children, teenagers, and adults, addressing a wide spectrum of mental health issues.
    • Specializes in high-acuity cases involving trauma, conflicts, grief, and life transitions.
    • Integrates evidence-based practices with personalized care to meet individual needs effectively.
  • Family-Centered Approach:
    • Facilitates sustainable transformation and reunification for families coping with severe trauma such as divorce.
    • Successfully addresses parental alienation challenges, enabling both parents to participate actively in important family events.
  • Philosophy of Personal Growth and Potential:
    • Emphasizes viewing each client as a person with limitless potential, not defined by past experiences or labels.
    • Promotes autonomy and empowerment through therapy with a clear start and end date to foster success and growth.
    • Promotes individual and family strengths.

Now I See A Person Institute is dedicated to creating a supportive, nurturing environment where individuals and families can achieve their goals and regain a sense of well-being. Dr. Swim, one of the first licensed Marriage & Family Therapists and a pioneer in the field, leads our team. Our clinicians are all trained at Now I See A Person Institute, ensuring a high standard of care rooted in our proven methodologies.

Additionally, we offer an International Certificate in Collaborative Dialogical Practices, Collaborative-Dialogical-Educational Virtual Learning, and are a CAMFT Certified CE Provider (Provider #135076), demonstrating our commitment to ongoing education and professional development in the field of mental health.