An Invitation To Now I See A Person

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An Invitation To Now I See A Person
Now I See A Person Institute is a nonprofit teaching and clinical institution using Collaborative Practices (strength-based theory, what is right about people rather what is wrong) horses and a nurturing and normal environment for clients to heal, recover and transform from trauma and mental health challenges of all kinds.

Now I See A Person Institute mission is to provide teaching, research and clinical services to populations who have lost all hope and unfortunately have not found success in past therapy, psychiatric interventions, hospitalization, or residential care (Swim, Abramovitch et., al, 2016, 2018). Clients learn to surpass symptoms for new self identities, new definitions of self not deficiency laden, and see themselves as a person again, sometimes for the first time in many years (Swim & Kinnamin, 2018).

We invite you to learn more about our services. We invite you to See the Person we all are capable of.

Now I See A Person isn’t traditional therapy.

Because WE SEE A PERSON, not an illness.

And, the horses do too.